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Inaugural Bow Valley Chamber Speaker Series!

Inaugural Bow Valley Chamber Speaker Series!

Monday, January 30, 2023 (5:30 PM - 6:45 PM) (MST)


Bow Valley Chamber Speaker Series: Small Business Cyber Security Survival Guide

Canada is a country of entrepreneurs with 97.9% of all businesses here being small businesses. Roughly 64% of Canada's employed workforce work at a small business making them a significant part of Canada's economy. 

In recent years, criminals have been increasingly targeting and impacting small businesses in our country with phishing, ransomware, and a variety of other scams. This past spring Calgary Police indicated that cybercrime was up 174% since 2017 and is massively underreported

When these attacks are successful, they cost small businesses dearly and even can become a business ending event. Without some basic upfront planning, your ability to defend and recover from these attacks is going to be painful. 

Most small businesses have limited IT expertise available to them and even less access to cybersecurity professionals. The good news is that embracing the cyber security basics and fostering a culture of security amongst your employees will help prevent most attacks from becoming a very bad day. 

During this Bow Valley Chamber Speaker Series John Hewie will provide you with practical knowledge to help improve the resilience of your small business to cyber attacks and fraud including:

  • Who is behind cyber attacks on small businesses in Canada and how they operate
  • Cybersecurity basics and recommendations for small businesses
  • People are your first line of defence - fostering a culture of cybersecurity
  • Reporting cybercrime and fraud

John Hewie is a resident of Canmore with many family members and friends who run small businesses across Canada. Professionally, John is National Security Officer at Microsoft Canada leading the company’s strategy in country to develop trust in Microsoft technology and services. In this role John, provides thought leadership and innovation partnering with internal teams to build cybersecurity programs that help protect Canadian organizations and comply with Canadian government and regulatory security and privacy requirements. John also works extensively with Canadian regulators to align rules with modern technology capabilities using a transparent and risk balanced approach. In addition, he manages cyber security collaboration and joint R&D programs with governments and the intelligence community; facilitates threat intelligence sharing with public and private sectors; leads Microsoft Canada’s corporate security and Controlled Goods programs; coordinates with local law enforcement on cybercrime disruption efforts and engages broadly with Canadian stakeholders to improve the cybersecurity ecosystem. John’s personal mission at Microsoft is to help Canadians safely thrive in our digital economy.

John is kindly volunteering his time to provide this session to BVCC members as a community service. There is a small cost associated with Bow Valley Chamber speaker Series to help cover space and snacks. 

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Sarah Freeman
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Monday, January 30, 2023 (5:30 PM - 6:45 PM) (MST)

Located at:

Eclipse Coffee Roasters

1516 Railway Ave
Canmore, Alberta

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