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A little about us...

Our story begins when two Mom's and their doodle (me! - Frankie D) fell in love with each other, and then in love with baking treats to enjoy together.We spent many months in 2020 making Donuts together and taste testing in our home. And then one day we baked a batch of fresh Donuts for our friends to taste.

"“Absolutely delicious! The freshest donuts I’ve ever had” “10 stars out of 5!” “They are actually the best donuts I think I’ve ever had” “Omg!!!! The dough is amazing!!”

We were so excited by this feedback! We had a little family meeting and decided to spread our Donut joy outside our home and with our community.

A few more months of testing and we finally took a big doggie leap announcing our first ever Donut Day. It was so much fun, and we've been loving making many Donut memories ever since!

Every Donut is hand made and hand cut in small batches with lots of love.

We aren't professional bakers and haven't been to any culinary schools. We are definitely not perfect, but we are having fun and learning so much as we continue our Donut journey. We are just two Mom's and a doodle, with a lot of love to give and an intention to spread joy, love and hope to all our fellow Donut Lovers. 

You can read my story about how Frankie D's Donuts was born by clicking here.

Take your first bite into a Frankie D's Donut and you'll know this is no ordinary Donut. It's double the size of an average donut and it's freshly hand-made, from scratch, using only real ingredients. 

Our dough, glazes, dips and toppings are hand made from scratch, using only real ingredients. We hand cut fruit, sprinkle in fresh herbs, spices, teas, and other real ingredients to make our Donuts extra special and unique.

You can learn more about "Donut Days" at

A little more about us...

Advocating for Mental Health Awareness 

Mental health is so important to talk about. I’ve noticed that when humans see other humans talking about mental health and hard things, they tend to feel less alone and more hopeful.

So my Moms have given me permission to share with you some of their challenges, and why Frankie D's Donuts is so important to us.

My Mom's have struggled with severe mental health challenges in their past, and moments of feeling like life is too hard to keep going. They still struggle with anxiety, depression and PTSD from past trauma they have experienced, so working on their mental health and recovery is a huge part of their lives.

They've shared with me that one of the hardest parts of struggling with mental health and trauma as a human, is the feeling of being alone, isolated or feeling like something is wrong with you. They experienced this a lot until they found each other.

They feel lucky to have each other now, and me! But we know so many other humans don't have this. Unfortunately a lot of people don't receive support, understanding and/or validation from people around them when they struggle with their mental health or illness. And a lot of people don't feel safe or comfortable to get the help they need, or share what's happening for them. A lot of people still feel so alone, and even ashamed with the stigmas that surround this topic.

When my Moms struggle I wish I could take away all their pain. ⁣And when I see any human that’s sad I wish I could speak to them and let them know that they are loved, that they matter and that there is nothing wrong with them. I wish I could give them a little doggie kiss from me, and a Donut filled with love, too. And whilst Donuts don't solve everything, they gave my Moms something to look forward to and enjoy when life felt like too much.

So when my Moms and I started Frankie D's Donuts, we envisioned creating a safe space for people to have something to look forward to, to feel seen, acknowledged, represented, and not alone.

And that's what we intend to do, one Donut at a time.

One day we hope to have our own store for people to gather and receive yummy joy, comfort, belonging and support! We have lots of ideas and dreams for Frankie D's Donuts, and we are so grateful to have you on the journey with us.

Life for humans seems to be pretty beautiful, and sometimes really hard too. We hope Frankie D's Donuts can help make your life more beautiful, and give you a momentary lifeline during the hard times too. Maybe it's a moment of joy or comfort, something to look forward to, a reason to smile or laugh, or to spend time with the people that help you feel less alone. These are some of the things that Donuts give us, and we can't wait to share this with you on our next Donut Day.

Thanks for reading a little more about us, we can't wait to see you soon. And when you pick-up your Donuts, if you'd like to talk or share how you are...then we'd always love to listen and connect with you!

Love, Frankie D (and my Moms - Makaylah & Fia-Lynn)

PS: We strongly believe that humans deserve treats (Donuts are the best kind), and so do your four-legged loved ones. If I get treats just for going to pee, you should definitely get Donuts for doing life as a human.

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